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About G563

G563 Granite,  Pink granite, from China . G563 is also named Sanbao Red, Rosa porrino.

G563 granite  is available for various finsh types  catering to different applications,these include polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered, sandblast, tumbled, natural split etc.
G563 Sanbao Red products are safe and healthy. Referring to the China National Standard: Limits of radionuclides in building materials (GB 6566-2001), our G563 Sanbao Red products are standing as Class A decorative materials, with the value of 0.62 and 0.93 for the internal and external exposure index respectively.

G563 Sanbao Red granite features soft pastel cream and rose colors with pink, black and green flecks. The pattern is relaxed and rather uniform. Almond Mauve granite countertop would be a perfect compliment to a contemporary style kitchen.
G563 granite  is a pink color granite from China, G563  granite is widely used in interior and exterior for flooring, paving, facading, tombstome , monuments , fountain and other landscape for garden, kitchen countertops, vanity tops ,worktops for its affordable cost and color consistency.
We are the leading supplier for G563 granite, we have our own quarry and professsional factory since 1992 . 

Use and specification of G563 granite

Slabs:  2400 mm up x 600 mm~75 mm ,  Gangsaw slabs 1400mm up x2400mm up , thickness 20 mm, 30 mm etc.
Flooring tiles :  305mm x305mm, 305mmx610 mm , thickness 5mm , 10 mm, 12 mm
Wall cladding, paving stone: 100 mm x 100mm, 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm , thickness 20mm, 30 mm,50mm, 100 mm . 
Steps 330x1000~ 1500mmx30mm, 150 x 1000~1500 mm x 20mm
Countertops , vanity tops . worktops , specialize for kitchen and bathroom : 600x2400mm, 650 x 2400 mm and custimize specification according to drawings.
Tombstone , monuments and various carving 

G563 Granite Technical and physical characteristics:

Bulk density: 2.59 kg/cm³

Tips :

When spills/stain is dropped on the surface, it should be cleaned from the surface before it gets penetrating in the surface.

Hot items should not be placed above the stone surface. Because it may cause any scratch, damage or stain in the surface.

Don’t clean the granite stone with the cleaning products like ammonia, bleaching powder, abrasive dry cleaners (dry cleanser, scouring powder) and products which contains lemon, vinegar or other acids.



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